About Us

In 2018, the ever-so-creative mind of founder, Narissa Pierre, developed the concept of making homemade lollipops from scratch. The concept all started with a book report project that was assigned while Narissa attended Middle School. At the ripe age of 10 years old, she was looking for a more unique way to present her project that was different from everyone else’s presentation. After receiving overwhelming feedback from her peers about her delicious lollipops, she took her time to hone her craft by experimenting with a variety of flavors. 
As her personal taste testers, her peers motivated her to take her hobby to the next level. In 2019, she began to expand her artistic ability and her increased passion for cooking/baking. She designed beautiful holiday lollipop baskets as gifts for her teachers during special occasions such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Their feedback and excitement further inspired her to join the young entrepreneurs of the world!


In 2021, she approached her parents about incorporating her very own business. With the support of her parents, Pretty Yummy Treats Inc. was officially introduced to the world. While combining the concept of bouquets and floral baskets with lollipops and delicious treats, P.Y.T aspires to become the innovative leader in the industry of confectionery treats and baked goods. Fourteen-year-old, founder and creator Narissa Pierre, has plans to continue to expand her brand along with the involvement of her siblings. As a team, they strive to incorporate even more delectable goodies and treats that are irresistible for all ages young, old, and anyone in between.

“We’re here to satisfy your sweet tooth!”

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